Welcome to my La La Land

up when I woke standing like a slowpoke I brushed up holding a cup walked to the fireplace beefing up   I reached into my mind to see what I find what could be that what will be its format   will it be the love or romance and I did not find any homonym […]

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Entangled_A poem

This is for my Friends! Its a short written 5 minutes poem which just came into my mind cause I remembered my one friend and So I WROTE this! Friends are really important and precious. Some may not find a friend that maybe like they’ve wanted but you know no one’s perfect. I have many friends and all of them are very special to me. Even though I don’t have a Best Friend but I stay happy with my friends . I just hope all people stay happy and stay with their friends😊.

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And yes, we are in a train. We are heading to my grand mom’s house(my nani😊). There’s a family event but we all know that it’s just an excuse. We didn’t visited ‘Agra’ in this year’s summer holidays due to my time table which is a total frustating one!😢and I cannot afford to miss any […]

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This is the world where people live in disguise i see you suffer all along from bright till night. I see the them too they’ devil’s clone; But why you see it better to be ‘lone. They were some; in stand the one’ was the betrayer of truth a parasitic worm, embeded in your flesh, […]



Isn’t she lovely , this hollywood girl And they say She’s so lucky , she’s a star But she cry , cry , cries in her lonely heart, thinking..

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Broken is beautiful too

Broken is beautiful too though exists cracks and flaws but good enough if you sew. Maybe better than what exists as fair face getting deceived every span still not into evil race. Shattered around no one to gather this makes the broken mighty rather. just like a vase of glass looks alluring from case till […]

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Being so far though you’re here somehow I miss you and want you now. Miles away why so far you get to be here cause I feel like a lonely star.

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Friends – A poem

I trusted the one not cared much lost and regretted a pity it’s such   she always kept me from head over heel in the fatherland but never let me feel.   I got a fissure In a flagon of finite flame letting you go was the biggest mistake.   I feel as if I’m […]

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