Welcome to my La La Land

up when I woke standing like a slowpoke I brushed up holding a cup walked to the fireplace beefing up   I reached into my mind to see what I find what could be that what will be its format   will it be the love or romance and I did not find any homonym […]

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Tear-A poem

And I left my home To touch your ruby cheeks, Not a drop from sea Still unvanished, decieved. * Here I come down the lane, Crystal of your pride Ready to explain. -Avani ☺️ †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† WHAT IS IT BOY! . Heyo! Don’t be a silent reader.. If you like my poems..do show your love ♥️. […]

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Part 1 ********************************** Another common day, like any else, I woke up in the the fourth hour of night. I had to go to work. But I kept my eyes closed to the whole time until it was 4:30 am. I checked the time and I was ready at dot 5:30. “I’m really punctual” I […]

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Journey-A poem

My journey began on The day I touched mother Ill-oven was I called Restricted from going farther. * Yet I survived from The pests this society holds Ain’t there no system To drain them and diseases to be behold? * I was summoned Again and again Harrasments and assaults Projected to severe pain. * Oh! […]

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Entangled_A poem

This is for my Friends! Its a short written 5 minutes poem which just came into my mind cause I remembered my one friend and So I WROTE this! Friends are really important and precious. Some may not find a friend that maybe like they’ve wanted but you know no one’s perfect. I have many friends and all of them are very special to me. Even though I don’t have a Best Friend but I stay happy with my friends . I just hope all people stay happy and stay with their friends😊.

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And yes, we are in a train. We are heading to my grand mom’s house(my nani😊). There’s a family event but we all know that it’s just an excuse. We didn’t visited ‘Agra’ in this year’s summer holidays due to my time table which is a total frustating one!😢and I cannot afford to miss any […]

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This is the world where people live in disguise i see you suffer all along from bright till night. I see the them too they’ devil’s clone; But why you see it better to be ‘lone. They were some; in stand the one’ was the betrayer of truth a parasitic worm, embeded in your flesh, […]



Isn’t she lovely , this hollywood girl And they say She’s so lucky , she’s a star But she cry , cry , cries in her lonely heart, thinking..

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